For Mother's Day, we wanted to celebrate and pay tribute to mums and grandmas with a weekend of activities for kids at Bangsar Village. We had 2 good days of fun with colouring, drawing, papercrafting and flipbook animation!

Thanks to the wonderful kids and their families who participated, we had an awesome time connecting with them and got to introduce the Flying Amah picture-book to kids and parents, who received it well. We also got lots of positive feedback and managed to sell some books with a portion of the proceeds going to the Kids' for Kids' Charity fund. That was the icing on the cake!

Many of the colouring art contributions (by kids from 1-12 years old) during the event can be viewed here. Although we're unable to include all of them, we wanted everyone to know we truly appreciated all the beautiful and priceless renderings from the kids.

We'd like to thank Bangsar Village for hosting our Mother's Day Tribute and to all who participated and supported us in making this a truly memorable experience

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